Module 1


You made the right choice.

I’m so happy to welcome you to your From Hectic to Harmonious 5-week E-course! It’s time to let go of the stuff that doesn’t serve you, connect to your core values, and create the space and time your whole family needs to thrive.

This first module, Simplify, is all about detoxing the junk that creates stress and overwhelm for you and your kids so that you literally have more space for joy, mental ease, and the fun you desire for your daily life.

You’re going to learn a ridiculously easy and inspiring system to de-clutter your children’s play spaces and bedrooms, as well as the spaces that overwhelm you!

I want your home to feel like a true haven, a place to relax into the joys and connection of family life.

So let’s get started, dear Mama. The time is now!

With warmth & light,




To get started please complete the following tasks:

1. A Harmonious Jumpstart: If you haven’t already taken the FREE From Hectic to Harmonious Video Training Series, go to this page where we have all of the videos set up for the H2H community. Watch Video One now as this is a wonderful introduction to the whole program.

2. Get a binder for all of the weekly course materials and e-mails (if you plan to print things out) so that you have everything in one easy-to-access place. The teachings and strategies shared here are intended to go far beyond the 5 weeks of this course, so please get everything organized for easy use in the months and years to come.

3. I invite you to join the private From Hectic to Harmonious Facebook group to build community, share ideas, and glean inspiration from other like-minded Moms from around the world. This private forum is not a space for coaching with me but a place for you to connect with each other throughout the year, as this space will remain open after the course has completed. Together, you’re creating the ripple effect of greater harmony for all families everywhere and I’m really happy to have this virtual space for you to connect whenever you’d like. When you join the group please read the guidelines & agreements for the From Hectic to Harmonious FB group at the top of the page.

Although “official” coaching time with me occurs at our weekly live coaching calls, I won’t be able to help myself from hopping onto the Facebook forum and cheering you on from time to time there. I’m so excited to witness your journey unfold!


Instructions for Module 1:

1. Schedule a time to listen to the three teaching audios for this module within the next 48 hours. You’ll need about 90 minutes to listen to all of the teachings. By clicking the title of each PDF & mp3 you will be able to download/stream them to your tablet or smartphone. If you are on your desktop you can right click the audios and click “save as” or “save link as” to download them to your mp3 library. Please listen to the audio recording “How to begin this course” before listening to the rest of this week’s teachings.


2. Create a folder in your e-mail account for all of the e-mails you’ll receive over the next five weeks. The subject line for all of these e-mails will begin with “H2H” so they’re easy to recognize.

You should expect 5 e-mails per week to arrive in your inbox with tips, inspiration, and reminders to have fun making the changes you want to see for you and your family! Since you have access to this course for a lifetime, I want to make sure you have all of the e-mails in one place so you can access them whenever you need to simplify again (which for my family, is 4 times per year, once every season).

3. Download the course materials (handouts) for the week and create a file folder for all handouts and teaching audio Mp3s so they’re available to you whenever you need them!


Your Course Materials for the Week:

Your Teaching Audios for the Week:

Please schedule about 90 minutes at some point early this week to listen to the three audio lessons so you can dive into simplifying right away!




Feel free to get started with your 10 minute Radiant You Yoga Practice that my personal yoga instructor, Hunter Clarke-Fields created just for you! This is a great little practice for you when you only have 10 minutes to put aside for healthy movement on busy days with your kiddos, even if you’re new to yoga!

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