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I believe that every ambitious woman who is called to do her part in making this world more beautiful, joyful, safe, and free is a Mama on a Mission.

As a holistic entrepreneur, activist, writer, singer, and mother to my two girls, I’ve learned that the creative process, how we run and manage our homes, how we run and manage our careers, and how we ultimately contribute to the world all comes from the same inner well of creativity, power, and flow that we are uniquely connected to as WOMEN.


Birthing our soul’s work into being

is much like birthing our babies into the world...

By simply being a woman you possess the creative energy, devotion, stamina, power, ability to surrender, and feminine wisdom that it takes to birth something big into being that will make a significant impact on people’s lives.

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Laura's brilliant way of coaching brought out the next iteration of my work. After separating from my partner, moving house and starting to rebrand my business all at the same time, I was lost to say the least. I was locked in fear with no way around it.
Laura gave me a jolt of getting clear on my own life's mission. From there, Laura's word smithing ability helped me create my program name, program offering and lit a fire of courage I so needed. Laura is intuitive, intelligent and completely understands the in's and out's of running a successful business, online or offline. Since then, Laura's intuitive hit has come true as I've launched my new program called The Feminine Fire Project (which she named), and I now have a team of four esteemed mentors all in my corner to support the success of what Laura called my own 'million dollar idea'.

Clarity is a compass for rightful action, and Laura is a woman you want on your side.

Ashley Paquin - coach, writer, & creator of Women. Becoming.


It's time for you to...

  • Leave behind any last vestiges of “Who am I to do this?”so you can deepen into your personal power.

  • Stand up for what you believe in, even those things that feel “edgy,”and speak your truth with courage and confidence.
  • Make decisions from your core instead of your anxiety or need to please others.

I believe...

  • You deserve to feel fully alive and embody who you are as a creator and leader so that you can birth your soul’s work into the world with clarity and courage.
  • You can carve your unique path, support yourself financially on your own terms, and fulfill your purpose on this planet with passion, grace, and the stamina it takes to succeed.
  • You are ready to integrate your Core Calling and your personal joy (your family, friends, passions, care for Self) in a way that honors the many parts of you and the many things you nurture as a woman.

Many of us are struggling and haven’t been shown, in the hustle of today’s world, how to tap into our inherent power as feminine change-makers, leaders, and modern caregivers.  

What does it look like to fully honor these many
magnificent parts of who you are as a woman?


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Mama on a Mission Discovery Tool

The secret of my power, wisdom, and ability to CREATE something magnificent was revealed to me through birthing my girls into the world, beginning with Laila in February, 2007. In that moment of birthing her into the world, I saw myself as a leader, an unstoppable force, a woman filled with an inner power that was much greater than my fear…

Flannery birth 2010

The transformational experience of birthing my babies taught me that the fear and self-doubt I felt in other areas of my life were a total myth.

The fear and self-doubt running through my head went something like this:

Who am I to think I can make a difference or anybody is going to want my help?

If embrace who I desire to become as a leader I’ll make other women uncomfortable and I don’t want to be “too big.”

How can I help others when I don’t have it all together? I have to “fix” myself before I can help somebody else.

When I birthed my daughters into the world I learned that fear and self-doubt are the companions to creation.


Even though birthing something that matters so much and comes straight from the soul can be messy, intense, and scary, you are an unstoppable force.

Now's the time to embrace what you were meant to create in this life.

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Mama on a Mission Discovery Tool

Like birthing our babies, it’s through hard work, passion, pain, grace (i.e. being grounded and clear in the face of adversity), and determination that we manifest our soul’s work.

Laura saw in me a potential I couldn't see myself. She gave me permission to own my unique brilliance and share it with the world. Thanks to her, I have created a thriving business doing what I love. Laura's gift is helping others find their gift, own it and manifest a fulfilling and impactful career! - Katie Madden, RN, BSN, IBCLC,


I’m not going to lie to you. This isn’t easy. But I learned it’s worse to feel like I’m dying inside because I’m ignoring my inner voice and calling. I’ve been there and done that… I’ve learned that the hard work, devotion, birth and rebirth of who I really am as I grow allows me to be fully expressed, fully alive.


Daring to embrace the power, mess, and miracle of birth is what allows me to fulfill my mission on this planet through my work at The Nourished Home.

Laura was the only person who could have coached me through starting up Hunter Yoga. Her presence was caring and nurturing, but without letting me back down when I got worried! She kept me steadying my course and gave me the confidence I needed to know that I could do it. With her help, I was able to successfully launch my business without becoming overwhelmed. It has meant the world to me! -Hunter Clarke-Fields, MSAE, RYT,

What are you meant to create and what do you
need to let go of so you can begin?

Access your FREE
Mama on a Mission Discovery Tool

I’m driven to show you how to tap into your inherent power and courage as a mission-driven leader so that you can get your big idea, your gifts, your contribution out into the world with fierce joy, confidence, and grace. Let me be clear. This isn’t about me. This isn’t about you. It’s about us, as women, coming together to heal the world at this very point in history.

women holding hands1

So what is your mission? What do you want to birth into being?

I’m here to facilitate your creative process, midwife the birth of your next big idea, and nurture your unique genius so you can get out of your own way and get on with the work you were born to do.

Discover how to birth your soul’s work today.

I'm thrilled to share the Mama on a Mission Discovery Tool I created for you so that you can dream big, connect to your mission in a profound way, get clear about where you’re stuck, and answer foundational questions to move you forward in the following core areas:

  • Connect to the heart and soul of your core calling: You must align yourself and your actions with your core calling, values, & desires. This is how you stop spinning your wheels and activate what you were really put here to do.
  • Know how you want to feel: Cultivate the experiences, feelings, and support you need to live a full, joyful, connected life with the ones you love AND do your mission-driven work with grace.
  • Birth your big idea: Connect to your power, dance with self-doubt & fear, and launch your next big idea, and make maximum impact with your core calling.

Access your FREE
Mama on a Mission Discovery Tool

Since you’re big idea is as unique as each child we bring into this world, I’m not offering a one size fits-all “cookie-cutter” program to you.

You’re a unique soul who was put on this planet to fulfill a mission that can only be fulfilled by you.

Together we’ll dream, create, and manifest the highest vision of your soul’s calling.

The Mama on a Mission Discovery Tool will help you get crystal clear about your next steps anl support you in moving through fear so you can share your soul’s work with the world now instead of later.

It's time for you to create something magnificent.

To the birth of your greatest work,

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LauraTB headshot4Laura Thompson Brady, Ph.D. & founder of The Nourished Home, is a transformational life coach who teaches women to put into practice her research on the power of living from your core values. Laura believes that all women are Mamas on a Mission and here to birth their soul’s work into the world. She teaches both mamas and mission-driven entrepreneurs from around the world to cultivate joy, connection, and soul-stirring adventure in their careers and family lives.

Laura is a multi-passionate woman: a transformational coach, singer, writer, motivational speaker, academic, entrepreneur, wife, and mama. Laura’s on a mission to inspire women to be seen & heard in their work and personal lives so that, together, we can do our part to heal the whole human family. She holds a Ph.D. in Human Development & Family Studies from The University of Delaware and certification in Holistic Health Coaching through The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. Laura lives in Maine with her husband, Damian, and two girls, Laila and Flannery.