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Do you have that urgent feeling in your gut that now is the time to be, create, or make the changes you've been waiting on?

2019 is the year a great many of us are being called to let the old stories go and live from the core of who we are.

This is the year to awaken, heal, and come home to the truth of why you're here and what to do about it.

This awakening is rich and it's not for the faint of heart. But it can begin with the simple act of allowing yourself to hear the single word you desire to live by in 2019.

How do you live by (and CHOOSE!) a word that will best serve you over the next 12 months?

Let me walk you through this magical process today. Sign up for this complimentary audio teaching + sound healing today.

Live the Magic of Your 2019 Word

Instantly access your FREE Audio Teaching + Sound Healing



How does having a word of the year help you make real change in your life?

arrowbulletRather than having a list of resolutions, one word will continuously bring you home to what matters most to you.

arrowbulletIt will cause you to make small, subconscious decisions each and every day towards your vision and the life you desire.

arrowbulletThrough consistent action and fierce devotion to one simple intention your journey, inner wisdom, and creative fire will unfold in magical ways.


When you register for the complimentary Word of the Year teaching, you will receive an action sheet to support the powerful work we'll do, and a soul-stirring sound healing I recorded for you. Register below to receive these tools and gain access to your FREE teaching today.

Live the Magic of Your 2019 Word

Instantly access your FREE Audio Teaching + Sound Healing 


Curious about the details? On this complimentary audio teaching you’ll:

arrowbulletChoose your word of the year and use the beautiful action sheet I created as your guide to a life of meaning and purpose for your family, personal life, and creative callings.

***If you've already chosen your word this year, this is your chance to ground into HOW to live by this word with integrity, ease, and manifesting power!***

arrowbulletLearn how to listen more deeply to your own inner voice, the one that leads you to your greatest joy, healing, and the truths that set you free.

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I am delighted to let you know know that I'll be sharing the profound gift of sound healing with you.

You will receive a sound healing recording of me singing with my crystal bowls. This sound experience is surprising, potent, and will assist you in living (without striving) your Word of the Year with greater ease, grace, and flow.

Live the Magic of Your 2019 Word

Instantly access your FREE Audio Teaching + Sound Healing


I do hope you'll join me in this magical, fun, and transformational complimentary teaching. I am doing this teaching, not just for you, but with the intention of activating in you the medicine that I believe our world desperately needs right now.

It's going to be a big year for our planet and we need as many awakened, love-filled, compassionate, and passionate people working together as we can.

You are a powerful soul and it's time to uncover what will help you step fully into the light of who you are this year.

With warmth & light,

laura signature 100px 


IMG 5315Laura Thompson Brady Ph.D. founder of The Nourished Home, believes that life is meant to be a joyful, soul-stirring adventure throughout the inevitable ups and downs this journey brings.

Laura is passionate about helping you experience every day of your life as sacred and she believes that no one can define what that looks like but you. She is devoted to helping you remember the truth of who you really are and embody that knowing in your daily life.

Laura lives with her husband and two girls in the beautiful state of Maine where she is fueled by nature, her family, any chance she has to sing, and soulful community.