If you're overwhelmed and sense that you're rushing through life...

If you want to slow down, parent with confidence, and make space for what you most desire for you and your family...

Welcome to the greatest gift you can give yourself to start anew.

From Hectic to Harmonious (H2H) is a self-guided home study course for mission-driven mamas who desire to love and lead their families  with courage, clarity, and graceI designed this course to make your every day life as a mama more joyful and easeful so that you can be the leader at home and in the world that you're meant to be. The time is not someday, but NOW to release the overwhelm that's holding you back so you can make space to align with the core of who you are.


The H2H journey is an opportunity to change the course of your life from one that's rushed and overwhelming to one that is simpler, more vibrant, and joyful.

This gift not only gives you immediate relief but lays the foundation for a more relaxed and intentional approach to daily life. Your kids become happier and calmer and you become clear about your core values so you can confidently and joyfully live and lead a legacy that you're proud of for your family.

Here's the big picture. I've created From Hectic to Harmonious so that...

1. You no longer have to be bogged down by the daily grind of parenting or the drudgery of household chores.

2. You can confidently create a life where your kids feel loved and safe to grow into who they're meant to become in their own time and in their own way.

3. You find more space, time, and energy to step into greater leadership in your family and in your community.

4. You feel the courage to take a stand for what you believe in so you can live, parent, and lead with greater intention.

5. You do your part to create a more nourishing home for the whole human family because you've made the space and time to align with the core of who you are and believe in the ripple effect you can have on the world.

6. You teach your kids how to align with the core of who they are so that they can make maximum positive impact on the world with their unique gifts because you're raising them in a harmonious home where their full expression is honored and celebrated.

From Hectic to Harmonious is your guide to creating a family life you love.

Here are the lessons you’ll journey through each week:


In addition to these five modules you'll receive four powerful H2H Master Classes:


Pay only $197 and you will receive the complete home study course and a resource library of tools to support you and your family for a lifetime.

Now let's break this down and look at how the ins and outs of your every day life may be getting in the way of your deepest desires for your life, family, and positive impact while you're here on earth. Take a moment to answer the following questions:

1. Are you stressed out and just trying to keep your head above water when you want to be the calm, joyful, present woman that you really are? 

2. Even if you have worked hard to keep things simple at home, are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter (toys, books, STUFF) piling up in your child’s bedroom, play space, and in your home overall? 

3. Does your intuition tell you that a simpler environment will improve your child’s ability to focus, feel really good at home, and play and live in a way that promotes greater learning and growth? Will a simpler environment give you more energy, stamina, and head space to show up fully in your daily life?


And how are you feeling about this thing that you have to do EACH and EVERY day:
prepare food and feed your kids? 

1. Do you want family mealtime to be easy, meaningful, and joyful? A time where you can consistently connect and bond? 

2. Do you wish there was a simple way you could get delicious, healthy food on the table without spending hours shopping and cooking so that you have more time to be with your family at the end of the day?

3. Are you worried about how to get back to nutritional basics so you can feel confident that you and your kids are eating the foods that you need to thrive?

Do you wish you had a community of like-minded people inspiring you to take radically good care of YOURSELF and claim the life you truly desire?

1. Do you wish that you had more time for YOU, self-care, and your passions but have no idea how to fit these things into your busy life?

2. Do you feel alone in trying to carve a simpler, more joyful, and authentic path for your family and wish you could connect with like-minded women that are devoted to helping you see what you stand for as a Mama on a Mission?

3. Do you want to be on the same page with your partner or co-parent confidently co-creating the life you desire for your family?

If your answer is YES to any of these questions, you're in the right place.

I’d love to support you in slowing down,
connecting to your vision for yourself and your family,
and making space for what you most desire.

You will receive the complete home study course and a resource library of tools to support you for a lifetime.

Let’s get clear about this journey...



The teaching modules are delivered right to your inbox with beautiful, inspiring, and doable action steps throughout your journey.

The beauty here is that you can do the work on your own time each week without leaving home. Make yourself a cup of tea and relax into these teachings so that you can start creating your harmonious home and connecting to who you are as a Mama on a Mission right away.

H2H Bethany Everything you need to experience life with your family as the joyful, fun, soul-stirring adventure it's meant to be.

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1O1A0085My husband and I are devoted to taking a simpler approach to raising our two young girls. Of course, we do not practice this to perfection but committing to and PRACTICING simplicity has made us calmer, more present parents. We're more grounded in the joyfully aligned expression of who we are and what we stand for. I'm confident our girls have the space and time they need to grow into their authentic selves. And my husband and I have chosen to make the space and time that we need to be fully-expressed role models for them as they grow. Let me be clear.

This is NOT about perfection. It IS about integrity and fierce devotion to aligning and re-aligning ourselves with the core of who we are every day.

In addition to being a Mama, I have my Ph.D. in Human Development & Family Studies, I’m a certified Holistic Health Coach, & certified Simplicity Parenting © Group Leader. This 5-week course is informed by my personal experience as a Mama on a Mission and my research, work, and passion to help moms and families create the lives they truly desire.

I believe you are ready to fiercely devote yourself to aligning with who you are at the core so that you know what you most desire for yourself and your family. 

This program fits into your life so it's easy to experience the transformation you desire.

The 5 teaching modules will be released one by one, each week. Each module includes teaching audios that you can download on your computer, Smartphone, or tablet. I invite you to dive into the course material when it’s most convenient for you each week. Maybe you’ll schedule a time to listen to the weekly teaching every Monday evening at home, on your commute to work, during nap time if your kids are little, during your workout, or whenever it’s convenient for you. This program is meant to fit into your life as it is now and inspire you towards the changes you desire.

H2H Tysan 

Your 5-week journey includes:







You will receive the complete home study course and a resource library of tools to support you for a lifetime.

The strategies I teach in From Hectic to Harmonious have worked for women from around the world. You can read some of their stories below: 

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I want to make it easy for you to say Yes to this easy to implement, yet life-changing experience.

For only $197 you will receive the complete home study course and a resource library of tools to support you for a lifetime.

Feeling some hesitation? No worries. Try out from From Hectic to Harmonious for 7-Days, 100% Risk free.





I’m so confident in this program, and I’m so invested in your family’s transformation that I want to give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you fully participate in all the teachings in the first week, complete all of your action steps and you feel like I didn’t deliver on my promise and more, then I will give you a full refund if you contact my team within 7 days of the program start date.



More than anything, it's my deepest hope that you (1) experience life with your family as the joyful, soul-stirring adventure it's meant to be and (2) step fully into your power as a Mama on a Mission so you can be the change maker you're meant to be in this world.

With warmth and light,

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Laura Thompson Brady Ph.D., founder of The Nourished Home, believes that life is meant to be a joyful, soul-stirring adventure throughout the inevitable ups and downs this journey brings.

Laura is driven to help Mamas on a Mission make space for what they most desire so they can love and lead their families, careers, and communities with courage, clarity, and grace. 

When you get clear about your core values, desires, and purpose in this life, you're empowered to do your part in creating a more Nourishing Home for the ones you love as well as the whole human family.

Laura is here to support you, your family, and your community by helping you step up and into leadership as a Mama on a Mission, making a positive impact on our world in your unique way. Laura lives with her husband and two girls in the beautiful state of Maine where she is fueled by nature, her family, any chance she has to sing, and supportive community.